Human - an amusing machine

Exhibition "Human - an amusing machine"Presented in our center since the beginning of December 2015 r.

The exhibition is supposed to make visitors aware, how complicated and demanding the human organism is. Therefore, it presents five vital functions of a human (breathing, heart beat, reaction to stimulus', keeping the vertical body position and nutrition), which keep the organism in a state of biological harmony. Simultaneously it points out the factors, which interfere with it the most frequently and cause the weakening of the body..

The new exhibition consists a plurality of multimedia and mechatronics.

Patronate of the exhibition belongs to Leonardo da Vinci - creator of the most known drawing on Earth. Visitors to the show can thus get to know the character of the Italian master, and the idea of ​​perfect proportions of the human body at the position devoted to "The Vitruvian Man". Everyone has the opportunity to create their own, individual Vitruvian character that corresponding to their own figure.