Ecological farm “Daisy”

Ecological farm “EKOSTOKROTKA” It is located in the center of the Holy Cross Mountains in the picturesque village – Kapkazy – in the municipality Bodzentyn, on the outskirts of the Świętokrzyski National Park. The beauty of the land described in his works Stefan Żeromski.

Kapkazy is a tiny village situated “away from the highway”, which is its great advantage – Here time has stopped and so you can really relax.

Kapkazy are located on the north-western edge of the municipality Bodzentyn at a distance of about Kielce. 28 km (route to Warsaw).

We are a small farm organically, from 2010 he also educational farm. In 2008 the farm we won first place in the competition pn. “The most beautiful and safest organic farm – Ecology and Environment”.

The farm also received a statuette “Exemplary Farmer of the Year” Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, a w 2009 he was awarded as “The most beautiful agriturismo”. Many diplomas Marshal of the Świętokrzyskie, Mayor and Municipal Bodzentyn and school teachers for promoting ancient culture and folk customs, and a living history lesson of the region Świętokrzyskie.

In 2013 r. farm was the winner of the first place in regional competition pn. “Beautiful and safe agriturismo.

We invite you to each child, youth and adults, to experience the past were made canvas, like today, you can still bake homemade bread, do yourself a butter or cheese and it all using simple tools and equipment, which still serve us.

The farm is a covered place to receive large groups of children and young people. There is a garden, orchard and a playground for children, are farm animals (cow, horses, rabbits, poultry). You can learn about in our old habits, tradycjach i obrzędach związanych z codziennym życiem na wsi kieleckiej, of rural loom and handicraft exhibition (images of rope, embroidery, embroidery, lace, woven rugs, paintings on glass, Images glued or the like with the cereal grains.).

We place great emphasis on attention to cleanliness and order in the bypass, We also lies at the heart of the segregation of garbage.

Educational programs implemented on the farm:

1. From lotions sereczka - ie milk and dairy products

2. From seeds of flax for clothes ready

3. From grain to loaf

4. Flora i fauna Caucasus