Oferta na rok szkolny 2018/2019

Oferta warsztatów na rok szkolny 2018/2019

We encourage you to familiarize with the offer of workshops for the school year,,pl,for the months of March-December,,pl,September,,pl,natural,,pl,, primary education,,pl,"... because it's a very important thing,,pl,to have healthy teeth ... ",,pl,"Speak,,pt,that vibrate the ear and reach ",,pl,"When I see a candy squeal ....",,pl,Good because sweet,,pl,Primary school,,pl,Classes,,pl,"Do plants also have their pantries,,pl,"Sweetie tell yet where you hide in this world,,pl,"Consume me completely,,pl,Sorptivity. ",,pl,S.P,,en,"Getting to know the chemical compounds,,pl,in which a carbon pulls his hand ",,pl 2018/2019, na miesiące marzec-styczeń. For reservations, please call,,pl,scientific workshops,,pl,"Opposites attract" physical Workshops,,pl,"Where is this country,,pl,where the pepper grows ",,pl,"Where is the,,pl,& Nbsp; announce,,pl,from that day,,pl,Ticket prices will change following,,pl,& Nbsp; family ticket,,pl,for minutes,,pl,zł family ticket mini,,pl: 609 290 121.

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