The main objective of the project is to promote modern scientific communication, curiosity and independent thinking. Science Center serves as a commercially available laboratory, which offers great opportunities for continuous development incentives, self-realization and creation of innovation-oriented attitudes. All this is done under the supervision of qualified faculty, which helps in an innovative way to encourage children and youth to science education in both science and the humanities. Children learn through play, that elicits curiosity and stimulates activity.

Science Centre – project co-financed by the Regional Operational Programme for the years Świętokrzyski 2007-2013. Priority Axis II, Action 2.1 The development of innovation and support for teaching and research, universities and industry “research and development”.

The total value of the project:

18 388 984, 22 zł

ERDF funding:

15 630 636, 59 zł

Own contribution:

2 758 347, 63 zł